Tools for Marketing

Your marketing must perform well, just like any other investment your company makes.

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We believe that marketing must perform well, just like any other investment a company makes. There must be systems, metrics and quality controls in place to evaluate the ROI of every campaign or project. To do this effectively, we have built our business around three integrated services—Data, Print and Mail—to help you maximize your marketing dollars and your results.

Data: Finding and Reaching Your Target Customers

Armed with the most advanced analytical, modeling and targeting tools and methods, we help you make the most of your data throughout the development of your marketing campaign. We capitalize on your untapped data to help you target your best customers and prospects, find new markets and uncover cross-selling opportunities. We then manage your data systematically to help you decrease mailing sizes, reduce costs and increase response. In addition to response rates, we track other key metrics, such as costs per response, per lead and per sale, to predict campaign results accurately. With real-time measurement, you can monitor your progress and make adjustments in minutes, not weeks.

Print: Getting the Job Done Right

With today’s dizzying array of technologies and printing options, it’s our job to find the best solution for your project. With our advanced color controls, online proofing ability and 64 years in the industry, we are uniquely suited to meet your needs in this new age of printing. Our diverse printing methods and techniques deliver results to keep your business moving forward:

  • Traditional offset printing offers the most creative flexibility and finishing options to maximize the impact of larger quantity marketing programs.
  • Digital printing provides the impact of full-color printing for shorter runs and fast-turnaround campaigns.
  • Variable data printing uses content-relevant images and text for more effective one-to-one marketing.

Mail: Delivering On Time and On Target

The U.S. Postal System is a complex, sophisticated system that rewards those who take the time to figure it out. At V3, we have. Having spent years inside the maze, our mailing experts have built proprietary systems to integrate with our services, uncovered cost savings and efficiencies, and increased mail performance. As a result, we can advise you on optimal sizes, shapes, weights and materials to save you money and offer ideas to make your piece stand out. Since we eliminate the need for multiple vendors, your piece will make it from press to delivery on time and on target—with nothing getting lost in the shuffle.

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