PURL Campaigns

A diverse marketing channel mix is the most effective way to reach your target audiences.

Computer with personalized URL and PURL address

Personalized URLsPURL landing page

People who rarely respond to print or radio may be very receptive to e-mail marketing or direct mail, and vice versa. When part of a multi-channel marketing campaign, one vehicle in particular can dramatically increase your odds for success: a personalized URL (PURL).

What It Is

A PURL is a microsite used to capture direct mail or e-mail campaign responses. Those with relevant messages can potentially increase your response rates two to five times more than rates achieved with traditional methods.

How It Works

Direct mail piece with variable data and PURLAt V3, we can quickly and easily generate multiple PURLs based on your customer database or mailing list. A call-to-action on your direct mail or e-mail piece drives the recipient to a PURL customized with content and incentives relevant to that individual. Customization on the PURL’s second page is spontaneous and based on a respondent’s answers to qualifying questions. Certain answers then trigger customized messages and offers—content we can base on geographic location, income, age and other factors.

Why It Matters

PURLs are a smart and effective addition to your marketing mix. Affordable and flexible, they offer benefits that help you get the greatest return on your objectives—and investment:

  • Automated lead reports
  • Variable content and automated e-mails to increase response rates
  • Valuable information about your target customers
  • Conversion of prospects into new customers
  • Personalized, one-to-one customer relationship management
  • Real-time response tracking and measurement