Security Measures

V3′s network is secure

Network cable with a padlock

V3′s network is secure both at the perimeter and via active management of all network devices, including servers, switches, and workstations. Our network utilizes the following features:

  • Stateful permiter firewall with NAT (Network Address Translation).
  • An IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) that detects and blocks malicious traffic based on up-to-date definitions.
  • A dedicated spam firewall that uses up-to date definitions to block incoming malware.
  • A web filter that acts as a passive proxy that blocks suspicious outgoing traffic (trojan horses) based on up-to-date definitions.
  • Secure encrypted VPN connections are required for employees accessing network resources when away from our physical facility.  All non-essential TCP and UDP ports are blocked from public access.
  • LDAP-compliant directory and authentication server managing users, groups, shares, and other network resources. Strong passwords are required with a 60-day password rotation.
  • Installation of software is restricted, limiting the possibility of malware spreading throughout the network.
  • Managed Anti-Virus and WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) servers ensure all systems, including servers and workstations, are kept current with security patches.
  • Real-time monitoring of servers and network traffic alerts our IT engineers of any anomalies.
  • Sensitive data may be sent to us via our Secure FTP server (FTP over explicit SSL). Access is restricted to the Data Processing (DP) department.
  • A physically and logically separate network segment behind a firewall for our DP department.
  • All mailing list data is stored in folders with strict permissions on a dedicated and restricted server with a RAID array located on the DP network, thus limiting file access to specific users in the DP department and ensuring accessibility.
  • Mailing list data is not backed up in our general nightly backups, but is handled via a separate encrypted process, and is stored in a dedicated locked cabinet.
  • Our guest wireless network is located outside of the network, allowing our guests access to the internet but not the V3 network.